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Payroll Services In Cincinnati OH

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Payroll Options For Cincinnati Business

Our payroll accounting service in Cincinnati Ohio is designed to take care of the needs of small business throughout the Hamilton County. This system helps businesses stay in compliance with Payroll Tax requirements. The good news is that with our service, the burden of keeping up with changing tax laws is taken off your shoulders freeing up your time and energy. The Payroll processing we offer is simple to use and is designed to be a part of your daily business.

Complete Payroll Processing At Your Fingertips

Our process accounting system is a convenient, online payroll accounting software solution. This means that the business owner and any designated staff has access to it through the internet at any time. And the entire software system is customized to the specific needs of your business. So you have a cost-effective solution that does all you need. No need to use a separate Payroll calculator because everything is contained in one system.

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Nathan Baird
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Let The Professionals Be Your Payroll Solution

  • Save Money and Time
    Having your existing staff do accounting tasks keeps them away from daily productive business activities. And hiring more personnel to handle complex financial tasks only increases your costs while still having the burden of risk.
  • Increase Productivity
    Keep your staff on their activities at hand so they can do more to help your business produce more results. Plus, with ever-changing tax laws, keeping up with the changes can often be a job itself, not to mention the increased legal responsibility and exposure.  We take care of your daily financial pay requirements for your staff and keep your entire pay system up to date and customized.
  • Simplify Payroll Tax Payments
    Our online system handles local tax laws while complying with Federal and State employee-related tax requirements. We do it all for you.
  • Run Your Business - Let Us Handle the Headaches
    Our staff of accounting professionals makes sure that your entire pay tax process runs smoothly and effectively. This way you can take care of the important actions of running your business.
  • We Give You The Financial Reports You Need
    Smart businesses are run on timely information, which is exactly what you will receive. We can even give you additional reports that you deem vital for your business - all for a nominal cost.

Financial Information Tailored To Your Needs

We provide you with important account data that is critical to the running of your business. And this information is available online for you, the business owner as well as your staff.  In fact, we provide three options for payroll processing.

1. Complete Finance Reports
Our Comprehensive Service handles all the processing for your organizations.

  • Checks for your staff are promptly prepared and printed.
  • Laser printed checks printed on check stock paper. This is for maximum security that meets micro encoding standards set forth by the US Government's banking division
  • You have Direct Account Deposits At No Extra Charge
  • IRS and State tax reports along with EFTPS tax deposits
  • Annual, Quarterly and Monthly pay reports with W-2, W-3 and 1099 forms that are easy to understand.
  • Detailed reports on your employee's vacation, sick days, and personal day accruals.
  • Creation and filing of the required new hire reports
  • Your pay records are maintained so they are current.

 2. Payroll Processing After-The-Fact
All of your manual information is posted to our data files providing you with additional information:

  • EFTPS tax deposits and IRS and State tax reporting are included
  • Easy to understand annual quarterly and monthly reports.
  • Employee benefit package information such as personal days of accrual, sick days and vacation time.
  • New Hire reports filing requirements
  • Maintenance and updating of your records User-friendly, and easy to understand monthly, quarterly, and annual employee-related tax reports, including W-2, W-3 and 1099 forms.

 3. Online Payroll Processing
Your staff is able to securely enter the number of hours worked and earnings information of your employees.

  • You have the ability to print out checks on your own printer, in-house
  • Free Direct Deposit
  • IRS and State tax reporting and EFTPS tax deposits are made on your behalf
  • User-friendly, and easy to understand Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual process tax reports, including W-2, W-3 and 1099 forms
  • Detailed reporting of employee vacation, personal days and sick day availability.
  • New Hire filing reports
  • Maintenance and updating of your information records 

4. Custom Employee Information reports
We provide reports in line with government agency requirements. And if you have any questions, our professional accountants are just a phone call away.

  • Unemployment Claims
  • Worker's Compensation Audits
  • Social Security Audits
  • Worker's Compensation Audits
  • 1099 and 1096 processing
  • Child Support Audits
  • W-2 and W-3 processing
  • Preparation and assistance with Federal and State registration forms

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What are our fees?
Our Cincinnati payroll services are fully customized to your needs so you only get what you absolutely need to run your business more effectively. We need some information about your business and your specific requirements in order to give you an answer. We invite you to schedule a no-cost, friendly conference to determine those requirements.

Contact our Cincinnati Office and Sales Representative:
Nathan Baird

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  • This was my first year using Toledo CPAs and they were incredible! Staff was delightful and they made the process so easy for me. I got a better then expected return and they set me up with tax estimates for the year to come. Needless to say I will be going back to them every year!
  • The amount of stress Tom, Nathan, and the staff has taken off of me has been a blessing. I can run my business and they take care of everything on the financial side. Knowledgeable, friendly, helpful, informative and affordable are only some of the many great things this company has to offer
  • I had a consultation with Tom about some business tax preparation questions I had. Simple, easy to understand answers, which I really appreciated. Friendly staff, very professional, I felt like they were truly concerned.
  • This is my 10th year with Toledocpa and looking forward for more to come! I want to thank you Tom and your staff for all those years! Congratulations on your new office Downtown! Wishing you the very best always!