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Our bookkeeping services are a cornerstone of the support we provide the business community. We at understand that as a business owner, your attention is focused elsewhere because you are invested in your company. We make a point of getting to know the goals and challenges of each one of our clients, so we understand this feeling all too well. We believe this approach has been one of the reasons that we have been the “go-to” bookkeeping service that small businesses call to help them manage their accounting needs. We are proud to be serving clients in the Toledo, Ohio area and throughout the United States since 2000.

 A Resource For Success

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Many small business owners come to a point in the growth of their company when they realize they simply cannot manage their own books any longer. Instead, they want to focus on bringing more revenue into the company, training their employees, and keeping internal processes successfully running. In other words, doing the things that will ensure long term consistent success.  This is important to our clients and to us and we call it the “Value Proposition”.  If we can’t bring more value to your enterprise than we charge you as a client, then why bother?

Strong bookkeeping needs to remain at the top of any company's list of priorities, but hiring an in-house bookkeeper can be costly, especially if you only need an accountant for a few hours a week.  Accounting is a maintenance activity and does not add any revenue to your organization, so you want to keep the cost of financial services as low as possible. You also want to make sure that you have a specialist who is proficient in their duties. works by using both in-house and outsourced bookkeepers who provide their services remotely. They all have significant skill in using QuickBooks and work at a fraction of the cost of hiring even a part-time employee.

Bookkeeping Services For Small Business

Our accounting firm offers outstanding bookkeeping services at some of the most competitive rates available anywhere in the region. We have been providing accounting services for successful businesses such as yours for more than 25 years and our client base continues to expand. This is because of our commitment to secure and dependable service at an affordable price that can help you and your business grow exponentially. We want you to succeed, and we believe that cost-effective and meticulous accounting is a necessary component of any developing business.

Accounting Without Compromise

Despite our low-cost payment structures, we provide the utmost level of quality in all of the services we provide without ever compromising data security or accuracy in our financial management. Our team of qualified and experienced specialists is able to achieve this by utilizing an advanced software program known as QuickBooks. We have over 80 years of collective experience using QuickBooks, which has established as one of the most competitive accounting services available.

Our business and financial services are entirely dependent upon and built around what can create the most benefit for your organization. We take the time to meet with all new clients in order to learn as much as possible about their organization, including how many transactions they complete in a month and how long their bookkeeping should take each month, which is how we bill for our services.

A Financial Service That Makes Sense

We are flexible in how we provide these services to support convenience and ease of use for our clients, whether through paper-based or digital means. For those that prefer, we can be granted user access to bank accounts to directly download important accounting information for balancing books, or clients can send over physical copies of invoices, cash, and any other data necessary for processing. Our Toledo bookkeepers and CPAs can create and send copies of reports or can transmit these write-ups directly through your QuickBooks portal, depending on how you do business and your preferred method for organizing your bookkeeping data.

Also, be sure to see how our payroll bookkeeping services are being successfully used by many companies and other organizations.

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  • This was my first year using Toledo CPAs and they were incredible! Staff was delightful and they made the process so easy for me. I got a better then expected return and they set me up with tax estimates for the year to come. Needless to say I will be going back to them every year!
  • The amount of stress Tom, Nathan, and the staff has taken off of me has been a blessing. I can run my business and they take care of everything on the financial side. Knowledgeable, friendly, helpful, informative and affordable are only some of the many great things this company has to offer
  • I had a consultation with Tom about some business tax preparation questions I had. Simple, easy to understand answers, which I really appreciated. Friendly staff, very professional, I felt like they were truly concerned.
  • This is my 10th year with Toledocpa and looking forward for more to come! I want to thank you Tom and your staff for all those years! Congratulations on your new office Downtown! Wishing you the very best always!