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Bookkeeping and Bill Paying Services

We provide the expertise to aid businesses as well as individuals to manage their finances.

We have learned that once our clients turn over their Bill Paying / Bookkeeping responsibilities to us they are able to concentrate on other opportunities to gain that competitive advantage. Individuals who are elderly or are frequently away from home can be less burdened with concerns for their financial obligations. We are in regular contact with our clients to assure that the required amount of funds are available. We provide accurate and timely payments for all reoccurring and non-reoccurring bills.

Our services include:

     • Collate all bills that come from service provider and client

     • Keep a detailed schedule of all payables

     • Pay bills manually (check) or electronically

     • Store all bills electronically for easy access

     • Provide client reports on a regular basis

     • Provide complete financial report of assets and liabilities at year-end

     • Dispute any unwarranted charges

Types of clients we service:

     • Small / Family businesses

     • Business executives

     • Busy families

     • Entertainers / Athletes

     • Daily Money Management Program for Seniors & Elderly Clients
       (For information about Daily Money Management Programs for Seniors, contact the
       Area Office on Aging of Northwestern Ohio, Inc. )
        Find out more about our Daily Money Management Program for Seniors

Using a Personal Bill Paying Service avoids the following:

     • Bad credit score due to late payments

     • Stress of not having enough time to adequately pay attention

     • Wasted money on late fees and/or bounced check fees

     • Scramble to balance checkbook and prepare tax documents

     • The wasted time of paying bills

Confidentiality - Our client's privacy is the utmost concern to us. Your financial information will be accessible to only your immediate financial expert and a supervisor to allow the release of funds.

Security - The technology that is used is specially designed with security in mind for our clients.

We include the following at no additional cost:

     • Verisign Secured

     • 256-bit Encryption technology mirroring that of the banks • Funds FDIC insured

We offer a FREE initial consultation for business owners, individuals and family members in the Toledo area. Find out what some of our clients have to say. Then call us today at 419-539-9590 regarding our bill paying services.

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  • This was my first year using Toledo CPAs and they were incredible! Staff was delightful and they made the process so easy for me. I got a better then expected return and they set me up with tax estimates for the year to come. Needless to say I will be going back to them every year!
  • The amount of stress Tom, Nathan, and the staff has taken off of me has been a blessing. I can run my business and they take care of everything on the financial side. Knowledgeable, friendly, helpful, informative and affordable are only some of the many great things this company has to offer
  • I had a consultation with Tom about some business tax preparation questions I had. Simple, easy to understand answers, which I really appreciated. Friendly staff, very professional, I felt like they were truly concerned.
  • This is my 10th year with Toledocpa and looking forward for more to come! I want to thank you Tom and your staff for all those years! Congratulations on your new office Downtown! Wishing you the very best always!